Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grocery Flash Cards

If any of you get the Rachael Ray Magazines you probably know they have some of the cutest kids stuff. I love looking at this section in the magazine and wish i had the self control to get on the websites to look. I don't because i know i will buy stuff i don't really need. Well in the newest issue they had a Food Flash Card set and i thought that is perfect for my son. He is really starting to talk and is learning new words everyday. He also gets very bored while I’m grocery shopping and i thought this would be a fun educational way to keep him busy while i shop. Instead of spending $20 plus shipping i decided i would make my own. Wanna see?
Okay so I started out using Picnik. I took a picture i had already saved on there and just changed the exposure. I turned the picture white. I did have to make a few changes using the clone button but i have done this for other things and had one saved. You can use word or any other program your familiar with.
Grocery Flash Cards
I kept it simple for the cover. I just added font and tried a few different covers.
This is a picture of my magazine showing the cute cards. I loved how they did a letter and a bunch of fruits and veggies that started with that letter but as i was thinking of stuff to use i kept getting stumped. I figured i would keep it simple for my almost 2 year old and do 1 picture for each letter. Below are some of my cards I made up quickly.  
I was only able to do part of the cards cause my husband and i got stumped on F, H, Q, U, V, X, and Z


This is what i have so far and tomorrow i will make it a little bit more sturdy and add colored cardstock but since the move I'm still unpacking and cant find some of my craft stuff. I will add a different color to the back of each picture. Also I’m going to take out the second ring. As we kept printing each letter and putting them on the second ring was just in the way.
This is a work in progress and i need some help thinking of things to add for those other letters. Any suggestions?


  1. I'm following you from Whistling Wednesday. Your blog is great. You did a wonderful job with the flashcards!

  2. These look great! I am always looking for a better way to entertain my kids at the store.

    Fish for F. Ham for H. maybe Q-tips for Q?

  3. Hot dogs, fruit snacks, zebra cake haha, I don't know what a fun idea though!

  4. What a great idea. Love your blog. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.

  5. Sure beats spending the $20! I love Picnic. It's such an amazing program. This is a GREAT idea. Totally going to use this for my sons...

    For the tricky letters like X- use Xigua. K- I would use kale, because it's in a word family that's very popular. Can you tell I was a teacher??? LOL...

    If you have a sec tonight, please share this with my readers
    Creative Juice Thursday. Hope to see you there!

  6. F, H, Q, U, V, X, and Z

    F- Fruit leather/Fruit Roll Ups
    H- Ham
    Q- Quince
    U- Ugly fruit
    V- Vanilla bean
    X- CheX Mix
    Z- Ziplocs

    Hope this helps! I have made these for friends kiddos.

  7. Very cute and interactive idea. I likey.

  8. Great idea. I saw you at Thrilling Thursday linky party.

  9. That's a really neat idea and what a great way to save money too!

  10. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing. :)


  11. Fabulous idea! And easy to make as well. Hope they help keep him occupied!
    Thanks for linking this up as well!

  12. I am totally going to make these! Thanks for sharing!

  13. F- Fennel, Fig or Fava Beans
    H- Honey
    Q- Quince, Quenepa or Quandong
    U- Ugli fruit, Ugni, Uva (grape), Unsalted Butter
    V- vanilla
    vanilla cake
    vanilla frosting
    vanilla ice cream
    vanilla pudding
    venison (deer meat)
    Vienna roll
    Vienna sausage
    vegetable soup
    Vermicelli pasta
    victoria sponge cake
    Vanilla Wafers
    velveeta cheese
    vodka meat pie

    X- xtra (brand of gum)
    Z- Zuchhini

    are you willing to email or post the finished cards for us to use also? pretty please??

  14. What a fun idea! That was very smart of you. I wish I had thought of these when my kids were still little.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up at Shindig Saturday! I can't wait to see more of your great ideas.

  15. Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday. Hope to see you back this week!

  16. What a great idea! I'm your newest follower :) Found you through The Tattered Tag! :)

    Heather @ Catfish Kisses

  17. Very cute flash cards. Here I was trying to brainstorm for you for those missing letters, and then read through the comments to see all of the great ideas that have already been shared. Awesome. I'm sure our readers would also enjoy seeing your idea if you are willing to link up to our Show and Tell feature:)

  18. ha ha.. I was going to share some ideas, but looks like you have some great ones from others above. What a fun idea!!

    Thanks for linking this project up with For the Kids Fridays! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to have you back for this week's party! I'll be posting it later tonight.

    :)rachel at SunScholars.blogspot.com

  19. This is such a great project! thanks for sharing!


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