Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patriotic Week:Family Fun

What better way to spend the holidays then with family. What better way to entertain family then with some fun, quick, crafty games!

You could make a bean bag toss game from Chic & Jo. Simple games like this always provide hours of fun for us!image

 Alpha Mom shows you how to make some patriotic chalk! Miss A would be all over these!image You could have a fun game of Frisbee Golf! My Computer is my canvas has even made printable to complete it. I know you’ll agree this is a much better use for laundry baskets ;)image There is also Patriotic Ping Pong! Green Acres Hobby Farm made this fun game for $3 Bucks!image This is the coolest Secrets of a Super Mommy made Watermelon Jack o Lanterns! How fun would these be and I know the inside would be better then pumpkin guts!image

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patriotic Week: Printable

Nothing says I love America like Free Printable! Ok maybe they are just super fun and will add a little Flair to your July Festivities! Plus you cant complain about the price and the hard part is clicking PRINT! ';)

This is my absolute favorite saying. Measured By the Heart made it way to easy for me to have it this year!image

Crafting Chicks made this tribute to all great things!image I love this tribute to Rock N’ Roll from Ladybird LN. It is great to be an American also ;)image  The Letter 4 made this perfect size decoration! LOVE IT!image Flip flops and fireworks! That is exactly how I will be spending my 4th, Thanks Living Locurto.image Simply Creative Insanity has posted a way to share the fun with your neighbors. Mini pies with some fun printable to attach.image  Catch My Party has everything you need to print out for a fabulous party.image I love that Skip To My Lou made these fun pop markers! image And this printable from A Brooklyn Limestone just makes me laugh. I would love to have a party and use these!image

Cant wait to share with you tomorrows part of Patriotic week!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Week: Clothes & Accessories

Ok this is probably my favorite part of holidays, clothing and accessories! Seriously I could spend all my time making fun clothes for Miss A! I swear kids can pull off anything! So here are some fun things to check out before the big holiday.
4 Crazy Kings made this super clever 4th of July clip to add to this shirt. How cool is that then the shirt is still just plain and you can make more clips for other holidays! LOVE ITimage I have had these shirts from Make it & Love it in my bucket list for years and still have yet to finish one! I love that the girl one is so ruffley and her little boys is matching!image Generally Creative made these adorable sets. See I told you I could go on for days with fun outfits!image Homemade Mamas and after you get the outfit made you need to properly accessorize with what better then fluffy flip flops, A summer must if you ask me!image A Story of a Princess and her hair I really wish Miss A’s hair was this long and I could pull this off! LOVE IT!image
I REALLY plan on making these. The Nurturing The Tender Years made these adorable lei’s. How fun to hand these out to all our little friends at the parades.image  I will also be attempting this made by The Mothers Huddle. So cute!image And seriously what would a holiday be with out MINNIE, Or “MIMI” as she in known in my house. Tinkeranniebelle made these adorable earrings and matching ring! image What are some fun outfits/ accessories you guys have made for the 4th?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Patriotic Week: Home Decor

Are you all ready to decorate your home. Well if you haven't already here are some AMAZING ideas.

A big ♥ goes to this Topiary from A Diamond In the Stuff. Seriously there isn't 1 thing about this I would change, love the colors with the ribbon!image Wonderwoman Creations has created a button masterpiece. Look at how amazing this is. image Flamingo Toes made these adorable patriotic summer dish towels. I need to get on the ball and make some. Maybe if I do Christmas colors I will have them done by November!image Good old Martha Stewart, Look at these adorable napkin rings!image Crafts & Sutch made this adorable hanger. I totally have some of these stars, never would have thought they could look like this.imageI am totally in like with these glitter USA from Eighteen 25. It takes me right back to school days. LOVE GLITTER!image And of course one more from Martha Look at these pinwheels. You could add them to anything! Wreath, bowls table cloths baskets. What fun!image So are you ready to decorate the house? :) I am!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Patriotic Week: Wreaths

Since I have been a super slacker on my crafting, ok truthfully I feel a little overwhelmed and extra busy! Seriously I am having a hard time balancing life with a blog! do any of you feel that way some times? I LOVE summer and the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays so I want/plan on partaking in every parade, party, craft possible. But with all of you amazing crafters out there my craft bucket list is turning into a novel! Ha Ha and rather then swamp myself with all the crafts I need to make and post I thought I would share this week a collection of all the wonderful crafts that have been completed and If I had all the time in the world, along with the time I have been spending on wedding alone(seriously I can grow weeds like a pro!).
To kick off our patriotic week I give you WREATHS! YEAH!
Tatertots & Jello made this ADORABLE Wreath out of RED HOTS, the husband would be in drooling over this one! I love the firework also.image Landee See Landee Do made this fabulous wreath out of ribbon. Serious I am lovin’ the fireworks on it!image To stick with my ruffle obsession Michele at The Scrap Shoppe made this one. I love how she added the buttons! Never would have thought of this!imageJust Sew Sassy made this Pinwheel wreath and I might be developing a crush on pinwheels! image I love the colors in this Flower power wreath from Reasons to skip the housework.image
And for those who want a different shape this would be my choice, Young & Crafty, Besides the fact that it is in my budget ;)image A big Thank you to all you ladies for your inspiration for wreaths! I hope this helps you guys get motivated on making a patriotic wreath. If you have some fun 4th of July crafts you would like me to share email me at

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MMMM Doughnut Holes

 DSC_0360Does anybody else get the craving for fresh homemade doughnuts. Then once you have searched for your recipe and found the perfect one the prep time is an hour! Who wants to wait that long?! I want doughnuts and I want them NOW! SO here is the world EASIEST recipe (actually I don't think you can even call it that!) Here is the quickest homemade doughnuts with out a hard recipe to follow. In fact you can make these for the family and neighbors and take credit for slaving over these! 

Simply grab refrigerator rolls. I had some Pillsbury Grand's in my fridge so this is what I used. You can use any brand any style they all work great! DSC_0344Next you will need a doughnut hole cutter. Don't have one, Ill show you mine! DSC_0345 Yep it is the top of a water bottle! It works to get the perfect size doughnut hole!DSC_0346 DSC_0347       

If you want at this point you can punch a hole in the center of the biscuit and it will fry up a doughnut but I like the doughnut holes, you get more ;) Simply punch out all the dough and then fry up. I fried them at *350 in my deep fryer for about 5 minutesDSC_0349They will come out nice and golden!  DSC_0353next pick your topping. I usually do a batch of cinnamon & sugar and then one of Powdered sugar! DSC_0357 Then sit back and sample! Enjoy your homemade doughnut holes in less then 10 minutes! The best part is when friends ask for your recipe!



Monday, June 20, 2011

Rhodes Winner

Winner, winner Rhodes dinner? Well here they are
Picture_62   Picture_62
How funny is that! Well who was #5 & #9?

Julia said...                                                                                       5     Heck yes I'm a follower! :) I love Rhodes because all the work of making the dough for recipes is already done for you... Leaving the rest so simple. It takes the intimidation out of it, and it makes you want to cook with it! I love the pull apart rolls! Yum!


Zodiac said...                                                                                    9     I already know how to use the bread to make pizza dough and that is about the extent of my cooking abilities.

CONGRATULATIONS! Email me at and I will get your fabulous new cookbooks in the mail.
Thank you to all who entered I really appreciate your support!
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