Monday, February 28, 2011

Find Me~ Address Sign

I live in a very small town and for some reason address signs are non existent! I hate when I work so hard on ordering dinner and they cant find my house! :) Seriously we have had delivery people take hours and call numerous time because they cant figure out our house. So I decided I needed a fun address sign. This is how important Pizza delivery is!! I started with a large wood plaque that I got at a thrift store (score!). Added some scrap book paper                  DSC08508 For my numbers, I don't have a cool machine so I used Tara’s post it numbers to trace onto my scrapbook papers. I added a couple layers of glue because after all, this will be outside!  I want it waterproof !  DSC08510I then added flowers and stickers I could have been done here but it needed something.  So my finishing touch, a little hook on the bottom so I can add and change seasons decor! DSC08531
Hopefully this works, I might have to order some dinner to test it out tonight ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mom Tested Family Approved!

Have the rest of you been craving Girl Scout Cookies like my family has? Seriously they can not come quick enough! Well I happened upon this fun little blog A Bicycle Built for Two, well Cait posted a yummy Samoa Girl scout cookies and i had to try them out, but I also added my own twist pretzels instead of coconut.DSC08546
The recipe was super easy and lots of good pictures to follow along.  The Hubs and I dislike coconut and that is really our only downfall with Samoa's so we changed Cait's recipe and substituted the coconut for crushed up pretzels, YUM!I also made then bigger then the usual size!  We tried this on friends and family and all were very satisfied. I just really need to work on my food pictures!  Now on to try some Thin mints!
~Enjoy, Kori

Friday, February 25, 2011

Homemade Canvas

Canvas art is huge right now. If you have gone to the craft stores you will know that a blank canvas is quite expensive. I wanted to make a few things with them but i just couldn't get myself to spend that much on something so simple. My husband said he would help me make our own. I have a cute project i want to do with a canvas so i thought i would show you how my husband and i saved money and make our own.

I bought a 1x2 inch wood slat from the hardware store for $1.50

I cut them in 2’ strips and since i don’t have the tools to cut it at a 45 degree angle i just squared them up.


I used a staple gun to hold the wood together. I stapled them on the front and sides. 


I wanted a smooth material that is a little heavier so i used a white “blackout” material. The last time i bought this i got like 4 yards but this time Kori was at the fabric store and saw a scrap piece and grabbed it for me. Even though i only used half of what she bought i still paid $5 so its a little more but It is so worth it if you plan to paint or draw on it. I laid out the material and made sure i had enough to fold over on each side. I did Iron out the material before i stapled it down. This is the last chance you will get.


I have tried the corners a few different ways and this is my favorite it requires no cutting and has clean folds. I just hold the top and the side at the same time and bring them over to the top to staple them together.


There is only 2 small creases but you should only see 1 when its hanging on the wall.


Well this is my finished 2’x2’ blank canvas. I bought 1 more wood slat and made 2 and spent just over $8

Stay tuned cause i have a fun project planned for this canvas.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Hop #3

Welcome to Mingle With Us Thursday Blog Hop

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This week will be our last giveaway.  The winner of the giveaway will be able to choose from one of the following pendants.

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Clover Ribbon Wreath

DSC08519I had so much fun making my Valentine cardboard wreath (the price was right too!). I thought I better make one for St. Patrick's Day. I started the same way with a big piece of cardboard. I used a pizza box this time! I debated between a clover and a circle and with my awesome art skills I ended with a oval!!DSC08393I covered my wreath with some left over white ribbon and then decided I would make a clover out of ribbon. I wanted it large so I cut 4 pieces 17inched in length. I knotted the center of each and shaped then into a heart.DSC08512Next I bunched them together and added some glue to hold them in a clover shape. My green ribbon had wire so that helped it hold its shape.DSC08514 I added a gold button to the center and glued it onto my wreath. Then just to add some more color I added a bead necklace too.DSC08517 We are now officially ready for the pinch fest!DSC08519

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cake Squares

Okay so this little treat is something we came up with after thinking about fun treats for birthdays. I absolutely love Bakerella! Her famous Cake Balls are to die for and if you haven't made these go check out her site, bake a cake and make these for a loved one or even just for yourself. Anyways my older brother doesn't like chocolate cake can you believe it? We were thinking of things to make for his birthday cake we decided why not make the cake balls and instead of chocolate cake use a different kind of cake. Even though his birthday is way past i thought i would still make them. Well our first stray from perfection was lemon cake. It was AMAZING!


I'm not very good at dipping chocolate and they don't look professional but one taste and ill have ya hooked


I take the easy way and just make a store bought cake. The lemon frosting was what really made it go over the top and since nothing goes better with lemon then semi sweet i grabbed a bag of that.

The rest is cake(pun was intended) just bake a cake, destroy it, add frosting and roll them out.


I didn't have any lollipop sticks left and i didn't have the patients to roll each cake ball this time so i used a silicone brownie bite tray and threw them in the freezer. I like to leave mine overnight it makes them so easy to dip.


After dipping them in the semisweet chocolate i swirled a little white chocolate i colored yellow to let people know they were lemon.


They were heaven. I took some over to my mother as a little thank you for watching my kiddo and my father just kept saying wow these are good.

My mother and i decided a cherry cake would be the next experiment. We even thought Carrot cake with cream cheese or for a surprise for my hubby we would try the rainbow chip(his all time fav). Let us know what kind of cake you would try!


Winner Winner!

Well it’s here we have our WINNER of Holly's Signs .


Are you ready? I couldn't get the Random on the computer to work so I the Husband downloaded an app (there's an app for that!) Have to love the smart phones! Well we put in our numbers and the WINNER is…. DRUM ROLL Please…


 Kristen said...

I love the family tree! I may have to do this for my mom for Mother's Day. What a great way to showcase the whole family! Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful work!
Kristen S

February 16, 2011 2:27 PM

Congratulations to you Kristen, our 1st official Winner, Hope this helps you get through Monday ;)

~Kori & Tara

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Toy Tin Game

Have you seen these Magnetic toy games before? I have debated on buying them for Miss A but the price always gets me, I just have a hard time paying so much for something I know I can make 1/2 as good!! Farm Magnetic Tin
Well I got to looking around the house and came to locate this old knife holder and then as I was grocery shopping I hit the Valentine clearance and got this little heart for .50 cents (plus a treat inside!). I was pretty excited I grabbed some local magnets that were taking up space on my fridge and some stickers. DSC08447I painted inside the tins to look like a nice little background,   DSC08449While the paint dried I stuck my stickers to the magnets and then cut each of them out. DSC08451 DSC08453

After I cut out all my pieces I put a layer of modge podge on them to make sure they stayed put with play. All that was left was to add my animals to their new homeDSC08464DSC08467
I cant wait to try these out at church!
~Enjoy, Kori

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We hit 100!

We did it!Yeah! You guys are awesome and Thank you!

Don't Forget to enter to win the giveaway from Holly's Vinyl, tomorrow is the last day to enter, and all of you amazing followers get 2 entries! What are you waiting for!!! Go here to enter!!  We will draw Monday morning and announce it.

Once again Thank you, you have made it very easy for us to become addicted to blogging!

♥ Kori & Tara

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shadow Banks

I love piggy banks! All kinds no matter the shape, theme, or if they are big or small but my husband and I never ever use cash. Well the past few months we have tried to use cash instead of our debit cards so we seem to have change around our house.

I once saw a bank with a shadow box frame but she cut the hole in the back. She had a lil dump truck in it and even thought it was so cute I didn't think that was something i would ever use so i decided to take that idea and instead make the opening in the top so this way you can still hang it. 
Shadow frames are not cheap and i looked at Roberts, Hobby Lobby and even Micheal's but couldn't find the one i wanted under $15 so during a quick trip to Walmart i checked and they had shadow frames for $8 but they were smaller. I figured i would try it and so i grabbed 4 of them.

The power of Google saved me I just typed in Disney since that is a trip my husband wants to go next and I found the cutest picture of Mickey Mouse, Mater and the house from Up. I just copied it into Picnik and added some text. Here is the picture I used for my husbands truck fund. The 4th frame is going to hang in my Laundry room and ill write "Laundry Loot" but I didn't get that finished yet.
I used a drill to make several little holes in the top but trust me its way worth the trouble to find a router if you don't already have one. I didn't want a circle so we could get the money out later so i made the hole slightly bigger then a quarter so that we cant get into it.

I was tickled pink once they came together. I hope you like them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Blog Hop #2

Welcome to Mingle With Us Thursday Blog Hop

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Celebrations & Giveaways!

Giveaway Now Closed

Well it is official we have been blogging for a full month! Can you believe we have all only know each other that long! Well you guys have shown us so much ♥ Love ♥ this first month and patience! We thought what better then to give you presents! Who doesn't enjoy winning a goodie! Especially when you get to pick it out yourself (our favorite kind of presents).
As we thought of what we could do for prizes we had to look no further then the walls in our houses, Vinyl! We have an amazing friend Holly and she has an equally amazing Business! HollysButton We have run to her with all of our Vinyl need or just random ideas for signs or gifts and Holly is awesome to help put them into vinyl for us! She has the best selection and price! She has been so sweet to help us pick fonts and colors. We have made numerous orders with her and We have never been let down!  Here are some of her fun items she has done for others…
This is my favorite! How cute is the owl!
untitled5I have one of these in my home and I love it!  untitled7
How easy to personalize a reception hall with their monogram!untitled8
Love this it is the perfect present for anyone
untitled9And look at this Baby’s Room She matched the vinyl to the bedding. Love this and my next baby will totally need one!   untitled1Plus she has Stick people, for your car! They are 100% customizable! I love the ones on her site and I am pretty positive we need a set of these (Holly, hint, hint!).  
Holly was nice enough to help us celebrate today, she is giving one of our Friends/followers a     $ 15.00 dollar credit in vinyl.    
                                    How does one enter? We are glad you asked!!
                                                               First visit
                       Holly’s siteHollysButton                                                           Or on FaceBook
                                     Holly's Signs Facebook 

Next leave us a comment of what you would get if you won the $15.00. I know its hard but I promise we wont hold you to it if you change your mind! Then leave us a comment and your entered!
                              want 2 extra Entries?
                   1. Become a Mom’s of all Trades follower (if you        already are thank you and just leave a comment that you are!)
                   2. Like Holly’s Signs on Facebook 
                            We will close this on Sunday, February 20th, 2011
We have had so much fun this first month we (including our husbands) have loved login in and watching stats and comments. We love that you guys are now in our little circle of friends! We hope you enjoy all the stuff we have done and can only tell you we have so much more fun stuff coming your way.

Good Luck,
The Mom’s (Tara & kori)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self Binding Blanket

DSC08374Another sewing tutorial!!! Well I didn't get any hate mail or confused readers out there so I thought I would give you another super easy tutorial, I even tried it out on my non-sewing friend and she understood me (or pretended well;)!  A few years ago Tara & I were at a local fabric shop we were both pregnant and asked the lady how she made this cute baby blanket. Well she explained it to us and I HAD to race home and try it before it slipped from my brain! That was many, many, self binding blankets ago.
Items Needed:
  • Fabric: 1 30” piece (this will be your front make it the fun pattern) and 1 40” piece (this will make up your back side and your edged on the front)
  • Sewing Machine
  • pins
  • thread
To start off you need your 30” & 40” to be squared. TO do this fold them over into a triangle and then cut off the excess. DSC08296After you have your 2 squares you will need to find the center of each side on both pieces to do that simply fold them in half and I put a pin to remember, do this for all 8 sides.  DSC08358Next you are going to match up your pins. Take your fabric and face it so the print is face to face then take the 2 pins and match them up and pin them just like that.DSC08359Now you are going to sew each side I placed the edges of the first side and made sure it was smooth from the middle (where the pins are, at the bottom of the picture) and sewed a straight line. DSC08361 Do this for all 4 sides and remember to stop at each corner and re-straighten it you will have a bunny ear looking piece on each corner and that is totally normal! When you get to the last side leave a spot so that you can flip it right side out!DSC08364Next up it is time for the corners, the hard part! To do this you will take the hem on 2 sides at the corner and match them up to make another triangle. Them simple place them on the sewing machine like the picture and sew a straight line.  DSC08366Then before you cut off your excess material on the corner I like to turn the blanket right side out just to make sure I didn't mess up!! (Yes I have MANY times!)DSC08368All that is left is my least favorite part stitch up the opening! DSC08372 TADA DSC08370At this stage you can either leave it as is or you can add a decorative stitch. I added a little x pattern on the inside. DSC08374Did we all survive another sewing time with me? If not we love hearing from you so please let me know. Oh and we CANT Wait for Tomorrow its going to be fun!!!

~Enjoy, Kori
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