Sunday, January 30, 2011

What’s Next?

WOW, We survived our first few weeks as a blog! We are so excited to have followers!! Thank you all for showing us some ♥ love. We hope we don't let you down!
Ok, now to get down to business! Do you all have that room or closet that is your hide all? You know when company shows up and you have to clean quickly.  Mine is my guest bedroom. I just cant seem to keep it clean. I hide all my finds and crafts in there until I can finish them. Do you have ideas for items but just need the motivation or the final insiration? That is what we are here for and next month is your chance! 
February is going to be TRASH 2 TREASURE month here! We have some fun stuff planned and some good uses for all that stuff you know you should throw out but just cant seem to part with. I know my husband keeps telling me I am going to be on the show Hoarders!!
So search your house and find some much needed trash and get ready for some fun! Here is a fun little trash piece I have getting ready!
 DSC08135 DSC08142

Glass Pendant Necklaces

Do you have any glass beads lying around? Perhaps leftovers from a fountain or Vase? Well I came across these beads/ tiles (I am really not quite sure what to call them!) and I thought they would make really fun pendants. I cleaned them up and pulled out a fun scrapbook paper. DSC08129Traced the tile and then cut it out.DSC08130I used my glossy accent because I already had it out but any clear drying glue would work for this part (i.e Modge Podge). Put some glue on the paper and stick it to the backside.DSC08131Once again your possibilities are endless! I added a little “Love” to this one! You could also do some fun pictures pendants!DSC08134Add a bail (you can buy these on eBay! I bought 100 for 16 bucks!) and some ribbon and once again your necklace wardrobe just grew!! DSC08164 Enjoy, Kori

Scrabble Necklaces

Have you seen the Scrabble necklaces before? Well I have hunted and hunted for a scrabble game at local thrift stores and I finally came across one for a dollar! YEAH!! Then of course less then a month later my husbands Aunt gave me another one (Double score!). So what is a girl to do… well make necklaces of course!
Items needed:
  • A scrabble game or wood tiles
  • scrap paper
  • Glue (I am partial to modge podge)
  • Glossy Accents (Not needed but really adds a nice touch)
  • Embellishments (Not required but oh so fun!)
First off you will look through your paper and find some fun patterns that would make great necklaces. Trace your scrabble tile on to the paper and cut out.DSC08116Next you will glue your paper onto the tile. once it is on there run a little coat of modge podge over the top. You can stop here and add some stickers or rhinestones or ribbon and they look good.DSC08118  But you can also add some glossy accent. Have you guys used this before? It is so much fun and so many uses to add just a fun top coat to projects. It goes on cloudy but dries clear. It gives it that added WOW, you made that look!DSC08138To add glossy accents start on the paper next to your tile just to not get any air bubbles on your tile. Next you will go around the outside of your tile. Then fill in the middle. If you get any air bubbles use a toothpick or needle and pull them to the side.DSC08123
After letting the glossy accent dry (it will be completely clear) you can add a second coat it you really want a nice top coat or you can add your bail and ribbon or chain. DSC08163
Here is another necklace that you can add to the collection! You can even get really creative and add pictures or initials to these!

~Enjoy, Kori

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beaded Necklace

As Tara & I  thought about the best way to say goodbye to the first month in the new year, we thought what better way then adding some new jewelry to your wardrobe. If you are like me your budget for jewelry is close to last on the list!! Don't get me wrong I would love to have the funds to buy some fun sparkles. But I also have a 17 month old that still tugs and chews on all of my necklaces, this one Baby Proof!!
As promised I have made a beaded necklace tutorial for you. I know there are a few different tutorials out there for beaded necklace, Blue Cricket Design has a nice one. Well here is mine to add to the group!DSC08024
Items Needed:
  • Fabric ( I bought 1/8th yard of each color to maximize my choices!)
  • Beads (you can also use marbles or left over mini ornaments)
  • Sewing Machine (If you don't have one not a problem, hand stitch or glue!)
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments (The fun part of every project!) DSC08146First up you need to cut your material. I took my fabric and rolled it over the bead and added enough room for a 1/4” hem. It will depend on the size of you bead for this step.  For the length I kept it the width of the bolt which was 48”.  DSC08147 Next up you will fold your material right side in so you sew a blind hem. I like to add a safety pin on the inside and on the end this way you can thread it through, it will save you a lot of time when flipping it right side out!DSC08151Then sew I doubled my hem just because I wanted to make sure it was extra secure! If you don't have a sewing machine, you can hand stitch or use glue on this part.DSC08152Once you flip your material right side out time to add the beads. Start with where you want your end I left about 2” and knotted added a bead then knotted again, do this until you have your desired length  DSC08155 After you get your length its time to finish up, you can use ribbon or fabric or even rope. I used another piece of fabric (gotta love scraps!) I measured how long I wanted it to sit and cut my brown piece to fit.
DSC08156Then you are going to tuck the brown into the necklace and sew right across the seam. DSC08157 There you have a new fashionable necklace for under a dollar! You can add some rolled flowers, or beads or bows to the seam but I like this one just plain What do you think?DSC08158~Enjoy, Kori

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Personalized Towel

DSC08048 My niece is getting baptized at the first of next month and I wanted to make something nice for her to have so she can remember how special this day is for her. So I turned to my good friend the internet and searched and search! When I came a crossed a post from CTR Towel from Made with Love & Glue I was pretty excited!   
Items needed for this
  • Towel
  • Fabric (can be a scrap pieces just try not to include the color of your towel in the print)
  • wonder under
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine or you can hand stitch
First you will need to print off the link to the CTR Emblem or if you want you could type up a fun clip art picture or a name. Here is the link to the CTR LinkDSC08044Next up you will need to iron your wonder under to your material and trace the emblem onto the back of the wonder under and cut it out. Once it is cut out place it where you want it on your towel and iron into place. All that is left is to sew it in place. I have heard with Wonder Under you don't need to do this set, but I have never chanced it. Especially where this is a towel and will be getting wet!DSC08046 
The best part about this is Rachel also added a Poem!

How cute would these be for birthday presents, a shark with a wave, or a Princess crown. They would also make great party favors at pool parties!
~Enjoy, Kori

Monday, January 24, 2011

Silk Hair Flower

What do you get a 20 year old for her Birthday? This was my thoughts for the last couple of weeks Well it finally came to me, accessories!!! Can any women ever have to many hair clips, necklaces, bracelets? No Way! Especially ones that turns pony tail (my everyday hair do!) into something that looks like it took time and effort (something else I am lacking lately!)
Items Needed
  • Fabric silk or satin works best,
  •  Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Hair Clip or something to attach your flower to
  • glue                  The first step is to cut some circles start with your largest one this will be the overall size of your flower and then go smaller until you have the desired number of circles you want.DSC08059
   The nest step is to use the lighter and go around the edges of your flowers just to melt if you do it to much they will catch on fire!! you can also run the lighter under the middle to give the circle more depth. I didn't take a picture of this because I needed both hands! The Husband would be pretty upset if I burned down the house on my 2nd craft post!! Once you have all your edges melted stack the circles biggest to smallestDSC08063 All that is left is to glue the circles together, add some beads or button to the center and glue to your hair clip.
DSC08065 Wear and Enjoy! Turns a messy bun into a styled hair do!                                          DSC08068And then make more!DSC08026
 ~Enjoy, Kori
Ps More to Come…DSC08024

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monogram Wall Art

Well here goes my first post on this blog.
I am in the middle of building a home and i have been browsing craft blogs for fun decorating ideas. I came across this one and thought it would look so cute in my sons room.
I saw this over at Sugar bee you can also find it here.
I spaced my nails 1 inch apart. I also wanted to use more yarn then they did.
Here is the finished product. I was thinking it would be fun to do a full name or a heart for valentines day. You really can do anything you want. Let us know what you would do!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine Day wreath

DSC07912 ,,,,

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Tis the season to start showing some love! I was looking in my box of Valentine decorations when I realized that I don't have any Valentine decorations. So with my budget being around $0.00 I decided it was time to shop in my house!
Supplies needed:
Cardboard                                                                                                       Ribbon/twine                                                                                                  Glue                                                                                                                                               Embellishments (old shirts, beads, felt, buttons)
I started with a cardboard box, left over from our Christmas packages, it doesn't have to be perfect you will be covering it! DSC07884 DSC07885  And then its time to start wrapping the twineDSC07887I knew I wanted to add fabric flowers to the bottom and so I didn't bother with wrapping it completely.DSC07895 Now it is time to gather the fun stuff. For me I used some old t-shirts I had and found some beads in a Christmas box.                                            DSC07896     I rolled some fabric flowers and placed them where I wanted them glued them down.DSC07902 I then added some beads in between the flowers and TA-DA! It is complete and within my budget!!DSC07912 I couldn't resist I had to make another one for my sister! This time I did ribbon and felt roses. For the price you can afford to share with the family and neighbors!DSC07911
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