Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yard Sale to DISNEY!

Saturdays when the Husband works Miss A & I like to hit the yard sales. Sometimes we strike out and end up shopping but sometime we strike gold! Saturday we hit a yard sale and this mirror immediately caught my eye! I was a little bummed when they said it came with a decorative table (I have NO room!) But after I started to walk away they gave me the option to but it for $5 bucks…SCORE!DSC_0724 I knew exactly where this mirror belong, in Miss A’s room! My little vainy smurff loves to see herself. Actually when we got home and I put it on the floor she ran and grabbed her shoes and was showing them to the cute girl in the mirror. She also ate lunch with the cute girl in the mirror.

Despite possibly creating a monster or never seeing my little girl once this is in her room I continued with my idea. I spray painted it PINK!DSC_0728  I thought some fabric flowers would add a little flair to it but once I had them made I couldn't decide on how to arrange them. Then I came upon this arrangement! I ran and grabbed some Mickey brads I had and turned it completely around!DSC_0734Tada! DSC_0729 I also came to the conclusions Mirror have to be the hardest thing to photograph!DSC_0740

What do you think? What's your best Yard sale find this year?


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easy Custom Strap

I have had my DSLR for about 4 months and every boutique I go to I check out the camera straps. We went to a Baseball game and everyone there had a DSLR and I got to thinking I want mine more personal. So what better way then to add some material.

I grabbed an old strap I had lying around because I didn't want to mess up my new one! DSC_0711 I bought a cute simple pattern, you wont need much. I bought 1/4 of a yard. I laid my camera strap over the material DSC_0712I made it thicker so I could wrap the material around a couple of times for some extra comfort. Then I simply pinned in place  DSC_0713 This may surprise you but I chose turquoise thread! Told you it was my favorite right now!


I have received so many compliments on it so far and it cost me a WHOPPING $1.44 for the material and about 10 minutes of work! Should I add a ruffle or flower?


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ruffle Flag shirts

Well I broke down and made Miss A a cute little shirt for the 4th! My friend asked if I could help her make some for her girls and I figured as long as I was pulling everything out I better make my little one a shirt! DSC_0703I bought a cheap little tank top at Wal-Mart ($2.50). I bought it big because secretly I am hoping she can wear it next year but really who am I kidding I will make her another one! It worked out good it shrunk quiet a bit! DSC_0700I LOVE LOVE LOVE The 4th and the colors. But for some reason Turquoise has been speaking to me A LOT! Rather then use the traditional blue I had an old scrap of turquoise. I went back and forth on doing flowers, flag or stars but I happened to lay a scrap on the shirt and i knew…DSC_0701I pinned my ruffles into place, and sewed them on. Literally it took 5 minutes to make this shirt! DSC_0705 I added a little heart on the bottom Just to break up the white! I also left my first blue strip long and my bottom red so that I could tie it in the back DSC_0751 I also added a fun hair do. DSC_0738Here is the front view of the shirtDSC_0703  What do you think?

Do you want to see the other 2 I made to help out another friend. Her daughters were singing at the local Barbeque so they defiantly needed some American Pride! I used an old t-shirt cut up, a old tank top and scraps! Gotta love refurbishing!DSC_0721DSC_0719

The girls loved them!



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where are we?

Thats right we are beach bashing it up with the Country Chic Cottage
Come check out a super fun swim makeover! 

2 Ingredient Truffles

How was everyones 4th? Did you all have fun, food, & Family? We sure did and not to mention we had some awesome fireworks! I did break down and make Miss A a shirt, I will add a little tutorial for you soon, here in Utah we still have the 24th to celebrate too! I thought I would share an easy recipe that reaps LOT & Lots of Praise! Besides it is super easy and cheap!

Do you have a love for the truffles but they all seem like a lot of work? Well these are defiantly the ones for you. They take little time and you only need 2 ingredients!  I found these when looking for fun treats for a cookie exchange I went to a while back. They are so easy and yummy. I think just the name Truffles People assume you went to lots of work ;)
Items Needed:
  • 1   8oz pack of Cream cheese
  • Chocolate (1 pkg of almond bark or 2 1/2 boxes of melting chocolate)
Start with whipping your cream cheese, while that is whipping melt half of your chocolate. Set the other half aside that is what you will coat your truffles with. I melted my Chocolate in the microwave 2 minutes and stirred and did 30 second intervals until it was all melted. Add the melted chocolate to your cream cheese and mix wellDSC08331AT this point you can go onto the next step and keep it 2 Ingredients or I like to try my luck and test different combos. I have added some mint extract to make them mint truffles, I have also whipped in a 1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter (my husband and his work favorite!). If you want 2 types simply split the mix here and add different flavors (I am going to try orange next!). Next once you decide what flavor you would like and it is mixed in  scoop out your mix onto wax paper. I use a mini scoop so they stay similar in size. you can also use a spoon and drop them onto wax paper. DSC08335Refrigerate the balls for about 1 hr until firm enough to hold their shape in melted chocolate. I usually shape them into better ball shapes before I dip them. Melt your other half of chocolate, I added a little shortening because a very wise woman (Tara’s Mom!) told me a little shortening in your melted chocolate gives it a shinny coat!DSC08327Dip then decorate! You can add sprinkles to pretty them up,  I added some melted peanut butter to the peanut butter ones. You can also roll them in powdered sugar and coco powder if you don't want to dip them! DSC08339 Stand back and enjoy the praise!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Just want to wish all of you a Fabulous and Safe holiday weekend! We will be parting up in our little town. They go all out from parade to Ping pong airplane drops to minute to win it challenges and don't forget they even bring out a 27ft waterslide! This little town goes ALL OUT! Oh and not to mention they light the fire works from a 2 blocks away! Can you see the smiley face in last years fireworks!DSC03447 Enjoy we will see you after the long weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotic Week: FOOD!

Well what better way to ring in the holiday then what us Americans do best… EAT! Ha Ha good foods can make or break any get together! So here are a few that I would LOVE to make

Two Shades of Pink made these ADORABLE Sparkler cupcakes, Um how cute are these! image I have seen these before but seriously, that's a cake! Glorious Treats made these amazing flag cake and it looks perfect and tasty.image Homespun With Love shows you how to make edible sparklers! They are so stinking cute! imageCreative2xmom brings us some Patriotic fruit kabobs! Love them! image These are also so adorable and how easy! No Biggie makes these and I know they would go great on any table top.image Also No Biggie made these cute watermelon slices great way to use your inner watermelons from the jack o lanternsimage Simply Designing made these simply delectable pops. You will not believe how easy these are.image But The Masked Mommy takes the cake, or the pop! How cute is he? Love this! image

So what are your favorite holiday treats? Traditions?


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