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ADVERTISING. Thank you so much for your support and wanting to Sponsor
            Mom’s Of All TradesWe are happy to help you get your blog, shop, or product out there!
Mom’s Of All Trades
We post regularly and have been featured on many sites and popular blogs. Click Here to see a few. We always enjoy sharing new crafts, recipes and DIY projects with our readers!
Here are the ways to Advertise on

1.) Be a Sponsor!
-You would receive a 125x125 ad space that is showcased on the top right corner of
Mom’s Of All Trades.
- 1 feature post that will spotlight your blog, shop, or product and links back to your site(s).

Email us if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor and we can discuss the details.
*Prices subject to change upon growth of site. We will always communicate with you prior to price changes.*
**Mom’s Of All Tradesreserves that right to deny anyone sponsorship if the advertisement is not a good fit for our readers or is inappropriate for this blog.**

2.) Sponsor a Giveaway!
Giveaways are a fabulous way of getting your name or product out to the Mom’s Of All Tradesreaders.
We would be happy to host a giveaway FREE of charge.

If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, send me an email with information about what you would like to give away and a link to your shop or blog.
I'll make sure that your shop coincides with Mom’s Of All Trades, (We don't you want to waste an item on an audience that isn't interested!) and We will email you back to discuss dates.
When the giveaway date arrives, We will write up a lovely post about your shop, blog, or product to make sure my readers can get to know you.

3.) Product Reviews!
We would be more than happy to review your product/handmade wares and give an honest review of your item if it pertains to my target reading audience.
Please contact me and We would love to talk with you about this opportunity.
Also note, any item(s) that are reviewed will NOT be returned.

4.) Share a Tutorial! Do you have a tutorial you would like to share? We would love to have guest bloggers share their fabulous ideas here and in turn send readers in your direction!
If you would be interested in sharing a tutorial send me an email to discuss information.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? We am open to anything!
Thank you so much for your time, interest, and support for Mom’s Of All Trades!
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