Thursday, April 28, 2011

We want YOU!

image We are talking to all of you fabulous followers and guest of our blog we are looking for guest blogger for our blog!
Sound like fun? Want to share a fun tutorial or recipe? We would love to have you be our guests!

If you want to come play here give us an email at:


We hope to hear from all of you!!

~Kori & Tara

PS I found this picture just for you guys, it is made with chocolate chips!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Picnic Table InStyle

Did you all have a fabulous Easter? I can say mine was Great! It was so much fun watching Miss A with her basket and eggs. I think the poor girl is still on a sugar high! We had to put the basket and candy up before noon! So we hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. 
Once Again since we already have this project done and I LOVE it I thought I would share and help get you motivated for Summer. Here in Utah we are still waiting for Spring! Yes we woke up to snow yesterday morning, Yuck!

The Theme was Outdoor. It could be anything outdoor and it was perfect theme for me.  My outside needs some SERIOUS TLC! It has been a couple years since we focused on the outside of our house! So I narrowed down my list and decided on this...
Last summer we were given a wooden picnic table. YEAH! Well it wasn't pretty but the price was right in my budget! I knew it needed a new coat of paint (desperately!) But at the end of summer that was the last thing I do!
I was looking at some fun furniture catalogs (seriously 700 bucks for an outdoor table...OUTDOOR!). I didn't enjoy the prices but loved there super fun cushions and fabrics on all of the chairs.  Well that lead to me wanting to add some fun fabric to my picnic table. I headed to the store and found 2 yards of fun bright fabric and vinyl to protect and keep it bright and pretty! For Paint I  decided I could just touch up the grey paint color.  Once I got home I realized I wanted a bright table to match my fun fabric  that I was going to add to the benches. So back to the store and there it was calling me "Seaside Blue", perfect!  I Headed home and quickly got to sanding and scrapping.

I painted the benches and let them dry overnight The next day I painted the Table and while the paint was drying on the table I got to work on my cushioned seats. I had one of the egg foam mattresses left over in our basement and it worked perfect I simply placed my bench on my foam, fabric and vinyl to measure it.  To add my fabric I simply stapled it to the underside of the bench. The corners were a little tricky I folded them then stapled so it came out square. A lot like Tara did with her homemade canvas  Then I added the vinyl I wanted my fabric to be weather proof and mainly kid proof. I added it next and folded the edges the same way as the fabric.
I am so happy with my results It is weather protected. Miss A even got to lick the frost off of the benches! I Love the end results. What do you think?

Now what to do with all of my extra Seaside blue paint! Any suggestions?


Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest Hosting Blog Hop

We have been asked to Co Host this weeks Find New Friends Blog hop! COme join us in the fun of making some new friends! 
Rules are easy, there are only 2!
1. Follow HOST blog and CO-HOSTS through GFC

We are the top 3 links of the hop!
2nd Co-host CHANGES weekly so be sure to follow new co-host if you link up weekly!
Host-Tawna's Journey to a Healthier Me
Co-Host-My Journey with Candida
Co-Host-Mom's of all Trades
2. Grab the button and put it in a post, sidebar, or blog hop page and let us know where it is. This will help the hop grow and gain us all new followers. It's a Win, Win for everyone!
To link to this blog, copy and paste the code below into your site.
Please play nice and follow our simple rules!
HOP is open
 Thursday night at 10pm to Sunday night midnight EST!
I will randomly pick a blog from this blog hop to be next weekends co-host! If I offer it to you and you do not want to co-host then I will pick another!
If you WANT to co-host please e-mail me.
2nd Co-host CAN CHANGE weekly so be sure to follow new co-host(s) if you link up weekly!
Please make sure you Follow the top 3 links of hop 
if you want you link up!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Tools 2 Toys

This was my post for week 2 of the OMTWI.  The theme was mod Podge and Seriously I love this stuff and I have used it pretty much everywhere throughout my house, as much as I have spent in years I should own some stock in the company ;) So to come up with just one idea to show off was pretty tough I thought about numerous new ideas but in the end this was what I came up with!!I have  a couple more projects that I am working on and will post them as soon as I get done. Life has been a little hectic for both Tara & I these last few weeks and look EASTER is almost here and I still have so much to get done before that little furry guy makes his appearance! 
OK I will stop rambling and get to the goods...
After swaying back and forth and numerous texts to Tara  I decided to head to my local thrift store (retail inspiration!) and there it was sitting on the floor…

I know, not the prettiest (understatement of the year!) but I was super excited and I knew I had my project and the perfect home for this nasty old tool box. I offered the lady $5.00 and it was mine! I headed home with my new treasure and quickly got started.
When I got home I spray painted the tool box white. I know hard to part with that dirty red but white gave it a clean new start. Next up was making it pretty. I grabbed my stash of paper scraps and Mod Podge and got to work
I simply cut out random sizes of squares out of the paper, some of the scraps we already perfect. Then arranged them first so I knew what it would look like and glued them down. Had I thought of it at the time I probably would have sprayed the tool box itself with some paint cause it was thirsty and sucked up a little of my glue! Then I added a layer of Mod Podge over the top and TA DA!  Wanna see the end result? What do you think?Photobucket

Does it make you want to run out and steal your husbands old tool box?! Or better yet Yard Sale season is quickly approaching. If here in Utah we could get over the snow and soon to be flooding! Best part is that I can also let this be an outside toy box. Which with the way Miss A's room is filling up it might end up outside!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jenga Anyone?

Hello everyone how was your weekend? Mine was gorgeous weather so we played outside and that didn't leave much time for crafting! But I have a my Jenga game turned Mirror that I wanted to share with you! This was my first entry in the ONE MONTH TO WIN IT competition. . The first week theme was Wall Art. and  I wanted to stand out yet stay true to my cheap thrifty way of crafting. I decided I would search the Internet for inspiration.
I came across a one of a kind mirror that was made with wood planks and for a reasonable $120.00 it could be all mine!!! Well being a SAHM just doesn't pay what it should in the cash form! But I noticed the wooden planks looked a lot like Jenga pieces and I knew I had an old Jenga game.
I searched my house and came up with a mirror with a broken frame (perfect) an old cork board (for the back) and a Jenga game (woohoo!)

I picked my colors and went to painting. Next up I cut about 1/3 of all the pieces to make it so it would stagger the pieces. then glued them to my cork board. I decided it was a little to bright and new for my taste so I simple sanded and distressed with some glaze. I could not be happier with the results!
What do you think? Are you going to try it? If so we would love to see any of your projects you make from our tutorials. Email us at we would love to show them off here on the blog!

Week #3 with the theme of Outdoors has started today can you guess which project is mine? Well you better go vote for your favorite and I will keep biting my nails hoping you all vote on mine!  ONE MONTH TO WIN IT

Friday, April 15, 2011

2 in 1 Dog Leash

This took me 5 min tops but I’m hoping it will help my husband out so much. I have previous arrangements this Saturday and so my husband will be watching my son. Well our town dog clinic happened to land on the same day so he said he would take our dogs and our son. I thought i would help him out and instead of holding 2 leashes I would attach them and make them 1
Since our lil girl dog is shorter i left it a little longer.
I actually had my mother sew this since i was at her house at the time. I had her sew it twice since we have labs and i wanted to make sure it really held together well.
Then i cut the extra end and burnt the end to make sure it didn’t fray.
Hopefully it works. Since it was to late for me and my son to take the dogs for a walk we will have to try it out tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping in

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Brownies

Sunday was barbeque day at the Husbands work again. When he called me Saturday morning to see what I would make he was smart and volunteered me for a desert again. I knew exactly what I wanted to make! Have you seen all the yummy hidden treats around blogger land lately. Well I have a new one for you!
What you will need:

DSC_1623 I know I have your attention now! Seriously these 3 items are awesome by themselves but wait until you add them together! OH YEAH!!
To get your Brownies, mix just like the box says. When it is all mixed up add 1/2 cup of marshmallow crème. Then you need to open the Oreos (try to refrain from eating all of them or maybe that was just my little assistant!). Simply dip your Oreos into the batterDSC_1624Then place them into a VERY greased muffin pan. DSC_1630Bake at 350* for 12-16 minutes until brownies are cooked. Then removed and let them cool an additional 5 minutes in the pan.  DSC_1632[3] I ran a knife around them and popped them out. And how can I express how delectable these were…. Well I don't even have a finished picture! Ha Ha they went to fast! Guess that means I will have to make some more and share a complete picture!! But seriously the mint brownie on the inside makes these so yummy! Even the anti brownie husband enjoyed them.

Oh and while I still have you Week 2 is well under way over at
imageGO VOTE! See if you can pick which one is mine? I won last week with my Jenga Mirror! Hopefully I make the cut this week too! Which are your favorite? Plus they have a new season auditions starting on Today the 13th!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CO-Hosting Easter Hop!

Tots and Me

Welcome to the second week of the Hopping Along to Easter Blog Hop hosted by Tots and Me Purple Froggie Clay Stuff and Classified: Mom.

This week's guest co-host was drawn randomly from those who linked up crafts in last week's hop.  I am pleased to introduce Mom's Of All Trades as this week's guest co-host.

Mom's of All Trades

 We would love for you to come back each week and check out the current topic.  We ask that you compose a related post answering the question, include the Hopping Along to Easter Blog Hop Button, and head on over to either of our blogs to link up.  It can be as long or short as you want it to be.  We will be choosing a co host from those who enter during the week.  The co host will have the linky on their blog for the following week.  
Please take the time to visit the blogs of those who have linked up.  Leave a comment.  Follow them.  Wish them a Happy Easter.
Don't forget to follow the hostesses.  We will gladly stop by your blog and follow you back.

Here is this week's question:
What are your favorite Easter recipes? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks?  

We are looking forward to reading your posts, visiting your blogs and following you. This linky will be open through Easter Sunday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Amanda Anderson Design

Hey everyone I'm so excited to get to share with you a little family secret. This blog has brought us so many friends and now i want to share a friend with you ha ha well shes technically my sister-in-law. 

She has an amazing business called Amanda Anderson Design. She makes custom photo creations. She can do anything from baby to wedding announcements, graduation announcements and invitations for birthdays and showers. She also makes some of the most creative holiday cards you can think of. I have had her make birthday invitations and she doesn't know this yet but she will be getting a call from me soon for my sons next birthday invitations. 

She is having and amazing giveaway! You will just have to go check her out to see for yourself.

She has tons of examples here and if you have something in mind let her know and she can make it happen.

Go check her out but if you want to enter her giveaway you better hurry it ends Friday!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Sailor Design

Have you all noticed how pretty we look? Well allow me to introduce you to Miranda of Little Sailor Design.  I cannot express how excited we were when Miranda said she would design our blog. She was the easiest person to work with.
Our first email she asked what we wanted for a header and colors……um yep we had NOTHING! But she was ok with that. I felt really bad we knew there were a couple colors we wanted to steal clear of but really 2 colors not to use and she came up with this masterpiece of a blog!! That shows how talented she is and when she sent us our proof we were so excited! It was like and early Christmas!
So what does Little Sailor Design do? They specialize in everything you would need to make your Blog Fantastic. They will even help you set up a blog if you need that extra little shove ;) Seriously if you don't believe me you should check out her design
Weather you want a new header or a fabulous new blog button. There really is something in everyone's price budget, and to make it even better Miranda is offering all of the Moms Of All Trades readers
Until April 15th, 2011.  So what are you waiting for Head over and get shopping. Also a HUGE Thank you to Miranda, we look amazing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stampin’ Up Winner

Well today we get the pleasure of making someone's Saturday morning that much better. We got to pick our winner! Are you all in suspense? Well here she is….
Drum roll PleasePicture300

And who was lucky #27 ?         

 QueenB said...   
                     I left Cheryl some FB ♥
I guess it is true it “It is good to be queen!”  QueenB I have sent you an email and a huge Congratulations!

If you didn't win you can still go and shop at Cheryl’s shop Her prices are great and she just added some new stuff (the grab bags look like to much fun!!   image

Once again Thank you to all our wonderful followers, you have made blogging so much fun for Tara & I, I even think our husbands like it ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Paper Tweets

First off I have to tell you guys how excited i am that...

Kori is moving on to week 2 on One Month To Win It!

She made a fun mirror out of Jenga blocks and its adorable. I am so proud of her!!!

Well next i have a new quick and easy project i made and i love it already. With my husband and I working off schedules we only get to see each other a lil bit in between work and during lunch. We only get to tell each other quick stories about our days and then we get to enjoy the weekend where we have so much to tell each other we forget a lot of stuff that's happened throughout the week. Well i had a notebook i saved all of Isaac's new words he has been saying and our personal blog helps him see what we do during the week but we still forget things. I even write on the bathroom mirrors with a dry erase but there are still some things i cant remember.
As i was looking for a gift for my nephews birthday i came across the cutest thing. Paper Tweets! I don't have a twitter account but the idea was so cute and a perfect way to share what goes on while each of us are gone.

DSC_1651 fixed

If you haven't entered our drawing you really should. I have the digital studio software and i use it all the time. I don't scrapbook much but i use it for everything else. Anyways i threw this together really quickly using that software since they have some of the cutest fonts. I made this up pretty quickly cause i had so much to write down. My son was being a goof and i wanted to write them all down asap. I made each "tweet sheet" half a page since most of the notes we leave around the house are that size.
DSC_1644 fixed DSC_1647 fixed   
I wrote name and location and at the bottom i added the time and day. I like to know the day i even write the day on any picture my son draws so he can know when he did them. Anyways on to the cover

I used some plain gray card stock for the back and overlapped in the front and then added some cute scrapbook paper to the front. it was all scraps so i didn't waste any paper.

I need to write something on the front but I'm stumped on what it should say. Any suggestions?

DSC_1660 fixed
My son found some cookies I had saved for my husband and insisted on having one. He looked at me with those big blue eyes and i couldn't resist.

I had this sitting on my counter and when my husband got home I heard him laughing in the other room as he read it. It made my whole day!

I think I might make a tiny one that I can throw in my back pocket for while I'm on the go. How would you change it? I would love to hear your ideas!

P.S. Thanks for all the ideas on the grocery cards. I have the cards done now I just need to print them out!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweater 2 Shrug

My friends little girl was competing in a local Little Miss pageant recently. Well the dress code was church attire and she found her the cutest dress but not exactly church attire.So we headed to the thrift store in hopes to find a shrug or a shirt that would work under the dress. We didn't find them but we did find this beauty for $1.00DSC_0759
We knew for $1.00 we could make something work. I started by having her try it on and marked the length that we wanted. Keep in mind the hem, and cut off the bottom. Next fold your sweater in half and mark the middle of the front where you will want to cut it.DSC_0760I grabbed a washable marker to draw my line where I would round the edges. Then once that piece is cut off flip it onto the other side and mark it and cut. DSC_0761All that is left is to press and sew! Super easy and quick! What do you think?DSC_0767What do you think of the side by side? Left Not perfect for and 8 year old right Perfect for a Little Miss Princess!                                 DSC_0770DSC_0774  This was so easy and the sweater will look cute over any t-shirt too!
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