Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scrabble Necklaces

Have you seen the Scrabble necklaces before? Well I have hunted and hunted for a scrabble game at local thrift stores and I finally came across one for a dollar! YEAH!! Then of course less then a month later my husbands Aunt gave me another one (Double score!). So what is a girl to do… well make necklaces of course!
Items needed:
  • A scrabble game or wood tiles
  • scrap paper
  • Glue (I am partial to modge podge)
  • Glossy Accents (Not needed but really adds a nice touch)
  • Embellishments (Not required but oh so fun!)
First off you will look through your paper and find some fun patterns that would make great necklaces. Trace your scrabble tile on to the paper and cut out.DSC08116Next you will glue your paper onto the tile. once it is on there run a little coat of modge podge over the top. You can stop here and add some stickers or rhinestones or ribbon and they look good.DSC08118  But you can also add some glossy accent. Have you guys used this before? It is so much fun and so many uses to add just a fun top coat to projects. It goes on cloudy but dries clear. It gives it that added WOW, you made that look!DSC08138To add glossy accents start on the paper next to your tile just to not get any air bubbles on your tile. Next you will go around the outside of your tile. Then fill in the middle. If you get any air bubbles use a toothpick or needle and pull them to the side.DSC08123
After letting the glossy accent dry (it will be completely clear) you can add a second coat it you really want a nice top coat or you can add your bail and ribbon or chain. DSC08163
Here is another necklace that you can add to the collection! You can even get really creative and add pictures or initials to these!

~Enjoy, Kori


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  2. I have REALLY got to try these! You make it look so easy, I really have no excuse. Thanks for linking!


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