Sunday, January 30, 2011

What’s Next?

WOW, We survived our first few weeks as a blog! We are so excited to have followers!! Thank you all for showing us some ♥ love. We hope we don't let you down!
Ok, now to get down to business! Do you all have that room or closet that is your hide all? You know when company shows up and you have to clean quickly.  Mine is my guest bedroom. I just cant seem to keep it clean. I hide all my finds and crafts in there until I can finish them. Do you have ideas for items but just need the motivation or the final insiration? That is what we are here for and next month is your chance! 
February is going to be TRASH 2 TREASURE month here! We have some fun stuff planned and some good uses for all that stuff you know you should throw out but just cant seem to part with. I know my husband keeps telling me I am going to be on the show Hoarders!!
So search your house and find some much needed trash and get ready for some fun! Here is a fun little trash piece I have getting ready!
 DSC08135 DSC08142

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