Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easy Custom Strap

I have had my DSLR for about 4 months and every boutique I go to I check out the camera straps. We went to a Baseball game and everyone there had a DSLR and I got to thinking I want mine more personal. So what better way then to add some material.

I grabbed an old strap I had lying around because I didn't want to mess up my new one! DSC_0711 I bought a cute simple pattern, you wont need much. I bought 1/4 of a yard. I laid my camera strap over the material DSC_0712I made it thicker so I could wrap the material around a couple of times for some extra comfort. Then I simply pinned in place  DSC_0713 This may surprise you but I chose turquoise thread! Told you it was my favorite right now!


I have received so many compliments on it so far and it cost me a WHOPPING $1.44 for the material and about 10 minutes of work! Should I add a ruffle or flower?



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