Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Week: Clothes & Accessories

Ok this is probably my favorite part of holidays, clothing and accessories! Seriously I could spend all my time making fun clothes for Miss A! I swear kids can pull off anything! So here are some fun things to check out before the big holiday.
4 Crazy Kings made this super clever 4th of July clip to add to this shirt. How cool is that then the shirt is still just plain and you can make more clips for other holidays! LOVE ITimage I have had these shirts from Make it & Love it in my bucket list for years and still have yet to finish one! I love that the girl one is so ruffley and her little boys is matching!image Generally Creative made these adorable sets. See I told you I could go on for days with fun outfits!image Homemade Mamas and after you get the outfit made you need to properly accessorize with what better then fluffy flip flops, A summer must if you ask me!image A Story of a Princess and her hair I really wish Miss A’s hair was this long and I could pull this off! LOVE IT!image
I REALLY plan on making these. The Nurturing The Tender Years made these adorable lei’s. How fun to hand these out to all our little friends at the parades.image  I will also be attempting this made by The Mothers Huddle. So cute!image And seriously what would a holiday be with out MINNIE, Or “MIMI” as she in known in my house. Tinkeranniebelle made these adorable earrings and matching ring! image What are some fun outfits/ accessories you guys have made for the 4th?


  1. Love all these ideas! Thanks so much for including my bracelet :)

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! Such a cute blog you have here with great ideas. I'll be back for sure. :) (Oh and I like your name, my name is Kori too!)


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