Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Wenesday: HOMEROAD

Weare so excited to get to share Susan with you today! Seriously I love this idea, I have about 100 (ok at least 10 my house is small) that I need one of these. Dont forget to check out Homeroad after you see this awesome post!
Hi, I'm Susan...I write and create at  

I'm the mother of 4 girls and I've been married to my husband Jim for 20 years. I'm a full time teacher with one of the world's best jobs. Currently I work in the school library teaching classes to children in the primary grades. It's my job to read to young children every day and teach them about some amazing authors and illustrators. I write about some of my lessons on my other site

I've always enjoyed crafting and decorating. I like to sew, make jewelry and do projects around the house. I'm always up for learning new things and I enjoy teaching what I know to others. I'm energized by working on my blog, I love creating. My favorite thing to do is thrifting and turning junky finds into something spectacular! Recently I've opened up my Etsy shop:
 Stop by and have a look!

Take a look through my site at homeroad.
I hope you like it and can take away some inspiration from me.
Here is a new post from my site...

How to Make a Junk Inspired Memo Board
 ...from (you guessed it) the junk in my garage
and a stash of old barn wood, This piece I believe is cherry.
I divided up the board into 3 spaces.
I painted the center section with chalkboard paint....
The second section I added cork for a bulletin board...
 And the third I left blank for hooks...
 I stenciled on the words "notes" and "keys" and then 
sanded them for a distressed look...
The chalkboard was ready...
I added rusty screws and a canvas floret to the cork...
and hooks for keys....
I hung the whole board from an old chain at the top.
And there my friends is 
another funky memo board!
See the tutorial for my first junky memo board here

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  1. Again, another BRILLIANT idea!! So glad to see you have an Etsy site! Off to go and look!!!!


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