Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Wenesday: Sitting At Our Kitchen Table

We are so excited to introduce you  to Amy today. She has a fabulous blog with lots of fun stuff. After you read this post you should check out her Summer Bucket list and Apothecary Jars! Love them both!
Hi, Mom's Of All Trades readers!!!

I'm Amy and I'm super excited to be doing a guest post today! Thanks, Ladies!!!

You can normally find me in my own little spot of Bloggity Heaven over at Sitting At Our Kitchen Table.

I wanted to share this cute little idea I whipped up for my daughter's 2nd birthday, but first...a little background.

My hubby and I had two boys. That was perfect. Happy Family of Four. Boys worked for me, because I am by no means a girlie girl. I brush my hair in the morning and that's it. I put on make up about twice a year. Very jeans and tee. But God had a different plan. 

He surprised us with Diva-Queen-Pretty-Pink-Princess. AKA Kat. I'm still me...but I find myself fixing HER hair twenty times a day! This newly two-year-old Feminine Tornado wakes up, says "Mornin' Mama!" then immediately runs her fingers through her hair and demands, "BOW! Pretty Hair!"

So we now have a bazillion clippies and doo-dads and clear minuscule rubber bands. I wanted to corral them all into something clever and cute...and here's how I did it!

I started with one of these multi-use containers.

I picked out some scrapbook paper that would work well in Kat's room and cut out a piece to fit the top of the box. Then I pulled out my Silhouette and cut out a tag. The paper I used had a design on one side and the other side was a solid coordinating color. I was able to squeeze out both pieces from the same piece of 12 x 12 paper.

Then I smeared some Modge Podge across the lid of my box.

I put the patterned paper down and smoothed out any bubbles. Then I ran a piece of ribbon through the holes on the tag and Modge Podged that in the center of the lid. 


I opened the lid and hot glued the ribbon to the underside. It makes it a little harder to open and shut (but with a toddler that's obsessed with her hair...that's a good thing!). And then I trimmed the excess ribbon.

I fired up my Silhouette again and typed the words "Hair Candy" and then cut them out in black. My final step was to Modge Podge them down and then give the entire top a glossy coat.

Whoops! I fibbed...the FINAL STEP was to fill it up!

It is truly a box filled with sweet things for my Sweetie's hair!

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