Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clover Ribbon Wreath

DSC08519I had so much fun making my Valentine cardboard wreath (the price was right too!). I thought I better make one for St. Patrick's Day. I started the same way with a big piece of cardboard. I used a pizza box this time! I debated between a clover and a circle and with my awesome art skills I ended with a oval!!DSC08393I covered my wreath with some left over white ribbon and then decided I would make a clover out of ribbon. I wanted it large so I cut 4 pieces 17inched in length. I knotted the center of each and shaped then into a heart.DSC08512Next I bunched them together and added some glue to hold them in a clover shape. My green ribbon had wire so that helped it hold its shape.DSC08514 I added a gold button to the center and glued it onto my wreath. Then just to add some more color I added a bead necklace too.DSC08517 We are now officially ready for the pinch fest!DSC08519


  1. Very cute! I love that you used cardboard and stuff you already had. So cool:) Enjoyed your blog!!

  2. That is so very cute! I am glad you joined my newbie party. I do not see that you added my link...please follow my is great to have you.

  3. Very cute! Thanks for linking up!


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