Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self Binding Blanket

DSC08374Another sewing tutorial!!! Well I didn't get any hate mail or confused readers out there so I thought I would give you another super easy tutorial, I even tried it out on my non-sewing friend and she understood me (or pretended well;)!  A few years ago Tara & I were at a local fabric shop we were both pregnant and asked the lady how she made this cute baby blanket. Well she explained it to us and I HAD to race home and try it before it slipped from my brain! That was many, many, self binding blankets ago.
Items Needed:
  • Fabric: 1 30” piece (this will be your front make it the fun pattern) and 1 40” piece (this will make up your back side and your edged on the front)
  • Sewing Machine
  • pins
  • thread
To start off you need your 30” & 40” to be squared. TO do this fold them over into a triangle and then cut off the excess. DSC08296After you have your 2 squares you will need to find the center of each side on both pieces to do that simply fold them in half and I put a pin to remember, do this for all 8 sides.  DSC08358Next you are going to match up your pins. Take your fabric and face it so the print is face to face then take the 2 pins and match them up and pin them just like that.DSC08359Now you are going to sew each side I placed the edges of the first side and made sure it was smooth from the middle (where the pins are, at the bottom of the picture) and sewed a straight line. DSC08361 Do this for all 4 sides and remember to stop at each corner and re-straighten it you will have a bunny ear looking piece on each corner and that is totally normal! When you get to the last side leave a spot so that you can flip it right side out!DSC08364Next up it is time for the corners, the hard part! To do this you will take the hem on 2 sides at the corner and match them up to make another triangle. Them simple place them on the sewing machine like the picture and sew a straight line.  DSC08366Then before you cut off your excess material on the corner I like to turn the blanket right side out just to make sure I didn't mess up!! (Yes I have MANY times!)DSC08368All that is left is my least favorite part stitch up the opening! DSC08372 TADA DSC08370At this stage you can either leave it as is or you can add a decorative stitch. I added a little x pattern on the inside. DSC08374Did we all survive another sewing time with me? If not we love hearing from you so please let me know. Oh and we CANT Wait for Tomorrow its going to be fun!!!

~Enjoy, Kori


  1. that last part used to be my least favorite part, too. Then my mom showed me a trick. Instead of doing it by hand, you can machine stitch about and eighth to a quarter of an inch just inside the top fabric and turn that piece under. You'll want to lay out the material so you can get it lined up all flat and even, but it also helps so that later the two sides don't separate themselves easily. I don't handstitch any of the baby blankets I make anymore.

  2. Thank you I am so going to be trying this at naptime today!!

  3. oh, how I wish I'd seen this tutorial last week before I started my baby blanket.

    My next one, will definitely be like this. Thanks for sharing your methods.

  4. That's a good looking blanket, Kori!!

  5. That's great! I was a little confused at first, but I got it figured out. I am bookmarking this.

  6. This looks easy enough that even I could do it! (I think.) :)

    Visiting from the Mingle with Us blog hop!

  7. I'm working on a few of these also.. I machine stitch around them to close too ;) I'm your newest follower! You have a great blog!

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  9. This turned out so cute. You make it look so simple. I love the moose fabric your chose. These turned out fantastic. Please sure to stop by my site on Monday to add your tutorial to More The Merrier Monday's Link Party.

  10. This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Your blanket looks really nice. Love the patterns.

  11. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this super fun tutorial!

  12. I have been wanting to try one of these for a while, you've inspired me to give it a shot! Come check out my latest tutorial, a baby swaddler that stays put!



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